Free Video Based Project Apps

For a student looking for an app which can help them to build video-based projects is sometimes hard because they have to choose from a lot of apps and also there are a lot of apps which do not deliver what they say. So today I have come across an app designed and developed by technocrats horizons Vala movie which is a very powerful video-merging app used by  Australian students to deliver their video based projects. Here is the link


Following are the main features of this app:-

  • The user-friendly app made for teachers and students where they can submit their projects in the video with voice format.
  • Admin can reject or approve the submitted projects.
  • Background music or original recorded sound options provided in the app.
  • The user will receive push notifications regarding the project approval or decline.
  • The user can add upto 5 projects.
  • The user can add 15 videos of 0-15 sec per project.
  • Admin will receive the merged video of the full project.
  • Attractive, modern and fresh designs.

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